PE Shirts must be purchased at the school.


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School Uniforms:












Gym Uniforms:

Gym shirts can be purchased through the student's teacher or through the front office for $15.


Boys must wear basic black athletic pants/wind pants during P.E.


Girls must wear culottes purchased from








Casual Day Guidelines:


Students may occasionally earn a Casual Clothes Day from their teacher/administrator.  The clothing guidelines for Casual clothing are as follows:



Young Ladies:

Only skirts or dresses of knee-length will be allowed. Only K3 and K4 girls are allowed to wear skorts if they so choose. Slits must not be above the knee. Skirts should not be tight-fitting.


Necklines should not be lower than three fingers below the neck.  Sleeves should not reveal any underarms when arms are raised. Shirts should not be tight-fitting and/or revealing.


No visible makeup is to be worn at any time on campus.


Jewelry is prohibited while on campus.



Young Men:


Only pants that reach the ankle may be worn. No shorts allowed. Shorts are allowed to be worn by K3 and K4 boys if they so choose. Pants must be kept around the waist. 


Shirt sleeves must be to the elbow or longer. No tight-fitting clothing is to be worn.


Jewelry is prohibited while on campus.



***These guidelines are subject to administrator discretion and can be added to at any time without notification***